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[Novel] [Draft] Sairensu pureryuudo, Shinkidousenki Gandamu W: FROZEN TEARDROP (1 of 2)

The first half of the new Gundam W novel that's being serialized in Gundam Ace as of the August issue, released 06/26.

Feel free to print, quote, summarize, link, etc. the following as you wish. However, I would prefer if people didn't copy-paste and post the entire thing anywhere else online. Why?

  1. This is still a draft. The translation is based on scans which weren't very clear so some words are still missing. Translation checked against original source (2010/10/07)
  2. This translation is unofficial. It's not supposed to exist in the first place.

Feedback is always welcome! Have you read the original source and don't agree with how I've interpreted something? Are you a grammar fiend and is my inexcusable grasp of the English language driving you mad? Or did silly me get some English canon terminology wrong? Feel free to let me know!

Part 2, coming soon! Part 2, now available. (2010/07/26)


Original Japanese title: Sairensu pureryuudo, Shinkidousenki Gandamu W: FROZEN TEARDROP
Translated title: Silence Prelude[1], from New Mobile Report[2] Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop
Author: Sumisawa[3] Katsuyuki


—Prologue File—




I was rushing to where Master[4] Chang awaited me.

Although it has undergone terraforming successfully, the surface of this Oceanus Borealis[5] was frozen hard due to the severe cold of temperatures below -20°C, and above it raged a white storm. It was a kind of wind storm that consisted for the most part not of snow, but more of minute particles which themselves filled the air, and had frozen into tiny hailstones similar to diamond dust.

Even now, this white storm is what pounds against the windows of the long-distance high-speed hovercraft "Voyage" as it dashes over the ocean at full speed, and obstructs the field of view almost entirely.

"Lieutenant[6] Kathy[7], we have about 5 kilometres left until we reach the Preventer base, but it looks like it's going to take us another 2 hours."

Flight Lieutenant Tael Hecotre[8], the one piloting, said in a voice that wasn't clear if he was informing me or grumbling to himself.

Next to him, Captain[9] Sakai Masakazu who was staring fixedly at the nautical chart projected on the hologram monitor, managed to shrug his shoulders, despite his growing impatience with the weather chart on the submonitor that was changing from one moment to the next.

"We'll be about 15 minutes later than the estimated time of arrival. Really, I didn't think the north polar ice cap was going to be so stormy."

"I understand. I apologize for the trouble."

It's possible that my voice also sounded like I was merely muttering to myself. The cold was that harsh, it caused my lips to tremble, and I couldn't clench my molars.

But, there was a time when temperatures even as low as -90°C were recorded here. I'm in no position to complain.

"But, let's hurry."

We need to hurry.

Any flames of conflict[10] in this world need to be put out as quickly as possible.


I am Lieutenant Kathy Po.

I'm a member of "Preventer", the secret intelligence bureau under direct control of the President of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation.

Preventer, also commonly referred to as "The Firefighters", is a special service agency that regards the preservation of peace and abolishment of weapons from the Earth Sphere to be its duty.

The microchip of memory files that I have with me here is something that was transmitted to me by Dorothy T. Catalonia who is the President of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation.

I had already anticipated that this memory chip would contain details to invoke "Operation Mythos[11]".

I immediately transmitted this report to the Preventer base at the north polar ice cap, but Master Chang instructed me to download and bring with me, apart from those in this memory chip, three files from an old database that is part of a history bank in the Earth Sphere Unified Nation's information management system.

"As a member of Preventer, it's imperative that you be familiar with those files… Go through them before you get here."

As always, when my superior talks to you, it's like he's shoving you away.

(How in the world can data like this from the last century be of any use?)

These data files were so insignificant that it was hard not to feel this way.


The three specified files, in chronological order, had been created in the summer and fall of AC195, and the spring of the following year, AC196.

The language of each file, the person who created it, the location where it was stored, and the format in which it was saved all completely vary, and there is only a slight connection and common ground between the three of them.

That one slight common item is the keyword "Gundam pilot".

The distinguished pilots who were on board the "Gundam", mobile suits made of Gundanium.

In ordinary history banks, they are not recorded by their individual names let alone by the title "Gundam", but referred to only by inhuman model numbers that start with "XXXG", and so in the days that followed in the Earth Sphere, their stories were never even passed down from one generation to the next as legends.

It would really come as no surprise if their existence was referred to as a "sealed record", and you get the impression that they had nothing to do at all with the historical front stage.


Speaking of the year AC195, this is a time when the wars of the human race in the Earth Sphere reached the far extremes of their bitterness. The first file, which was accounted for during the summer of this year, was written in German, and its content seem more like a letter or tract than a diary or biography.

The poem "Autumn" by Rainer Maria Rilke[12], an Austrian poet from an older century, was quoted in the opening segment. Why "Autumn" was called to mind for the writer when the actual season was summer is puzzling in itself, but more importantly, the fact that two lines of writing were added to the end of this poem, and then later, this same section was crossed out by hand, gives me the impression that this file has a more profound significance.

However, I don't know what that significance is. But, it's true that a Gundam pilot named Milliardo Peacecraft was active during this time period. And, my guess is that, most likely the one who wrote this composition is that Treize Khushrenada.

The contents of the file are as follows—




The leaves fall
As if from far away
Like withered things from gardens deep in sky
They fall with gestures of renunciation

And through the night the heavy Earth falls too
Down from the stars
Into the loneliness

And we all fall
This hand must fall
Look everywhere
It is the lot of all

Yet there is one
Who holds us
As we fall
Eternally in his hands’ tenderness [13]

R.M. Rilke "Autumn" A.D. 1902

And that is our friend for eternity
Milliardo Peacecraft!


This age exists in a desolate darkness.

Completely isolated from the previous and following ones, even given the long history of humankind, one can't help but admit that this age is a mournfully painful one.

It could be said that this age resembles that image of The Earth all alone in the boundless universe, and it could probably also be described as being like a very young child who has gone astray and has nowhere to go.

Humankind left The Earth for Space at the end of the previous century. This is when we became aware for the first time that we are indeed alone. Even the Moon, which is the closest celestial body on which we can rely, is several hundred thousand kilometers away from The Earth.

The Space Colonies, artificial residential environments located at the Lagrange Points, points of gravitational equilibrium between the aforementioned Earth and Moon. Almost 200 years in time have already passed since they were referred to as The New World, and a new era was established under the name of "AC (After Colony)" to symbolize this, but humankind still hasn't managed to escape the age of darkness.

A very small minority of rulers of this age, flattering themselves with almost entirely meaningless struggles for power and preservation of public order in the name of justice, have brought about wars in every corner of the Earth Sphere, and ultimately forced the greater part of the people to suffer poverty, hunger, and bloodshed.

It's possible that the fact that humankind had taken flight into Space before our feathers had fully grown in is the reason why we continue to wander in the darkness even now. Or, if one takes an opposing view, the fact that we changed something such as Space, an omnipotent presence that completely rejects the existence of life, into something altogether too familiar, could perhaps be interpreted as the primary psychological factor behind why we are tormented by this immature sense of solitude.

Whatever the case may be, ultimately, humankind has quite blindly continued to wage wars over the last 100 years or so, allowing our enthusiasm for Space to grow stale, and causing the age to stagnate.

Stagnation then changes into an inert decline. That wars are the only reason why we somehow manage to hold out against this, so the rulers of this age might dare to boast.

Bitter tears flow endlessly from the eyes of the people.

Have they already given up?

There is no end to wars and conflict. Indeed, this is an obvious fact if we look at the course of history so far.

And perhaps we are making the "extraordinary" into the "ordinary" by continuing to be in disputes from sheer force of habit, and becoming chronically impoverished, so much that it is no exaggeration to say that we have decided to somehow keep our psyche in balance by casting aside what little remains of the words "hope for peace".

The sun has always continued to shine radiantly above their heads, yet they turned their eyes away from the radiance, as if they had forgotten it's existence, and had withdrawn into the small shell of The Earth Sphere.

Is it not a revolution that we need?

There needs to appear someone who will shine a ray of light[14]  on this age of darkness, and show them the path that they must take.  No matter how small that light might be, how bloodstained their deeds might be, someone must take the hand of the stray child who has grown tired of weeping, and lead them to the right path.

But this must never be done by the hands of "the victorious".

For governance by victory will lead, again, to the beginning of more struggles for power, and once more, the repetition of a history of wars.

—The one who changes history
Must be one of "the vanquished"—

sommer TK


That the word "Summer" was written down in German, followed by the signature "TK" which is thought to be Treize Khushrenada's initials, and how exceptionally particular the writer is about the word "the vanquished", are the grounds on which I am led to believe that this is something Treize himself wrote.

However, Milliardo and Treize had not met yet at this time (the first point of contact for both of them is said to be at the time of the Eve Wars), so despite the fact they were contemporaries, from a historical standpoint, perhaps it's more appropriate to think that this was written by someone else.


The next file is also truly puzzling.

This file is not of writings, but is something that was stored as a visual record.

Recorded on video was the image of a boy named "Duo Maxwell" who, on the first day of a new school term in September of AC195, transferred to a state-run gymnasium[15] on Colony R09935 of the L4 Colony Cluster, and was being made to read an essay (or should I say thesis, that's the impression I get) about the relations between The Colonies and Earth.

Because it was recorded by a camera installed at the very back of the classroom, details like his face aren't clearly shown, but if this is really "Duo", then this means that this is the only Gundam pilot we in the present are able to view in person.

According to the stories that were being circulated as rumours at the time, most of them were young boys, and in order to carry out their missions in secret, they apparently often infiltrated schools and repeatedly transferred from one to another.

However, if that is truly so, then I find it somewhat unnatural that he gave his name as "Duo".  In order to conceal oneself, one would normally use an alias.

The contents are as follows—




"The planet that miraculously made it possible for living things to inhabit the Solar System, that is the planet Earth.

In the year AC195, with the development of The Colonies, it has become possible for humans to possess new lands, thanks to an abundance of natural resources and the technological abilities fostered over the years.

However, to the very end, these lands are nothing but spaces that imitate the motherland Earth.

What meaning was there to building The Colonies?

They say that the main objective was the development of technology to enrich mankind's life in the Earth Sphere.

But, did mankind not place impossible demands on these imitation spaces? The self-sustained way of life faces no natural threats, and is more stable than on Earth.

The limitless growth makes it seem as if mankind has been promised a permanent existence. There was probably a time when people rejoiced that Space had allowed them to start over from scratch.

But, it is difficult to believe that The Colonies, let alone mankind would be able to forget the Earth.

What did Colony development technologies bring about to Earth. Military strength is the technology that Earth wants most. Destruction is a spirit that mankind is unable to abandon.

Currently, The Colonies are in a position to take on a more militaristic nature. They are unable to forget the Earth.

The Earth's beauty is incredible.

As animals that have gained great power, humans start to think about controlling even an entire planet.

But on a planetary scale, the existence of living things is but a transient moment in time. It's all after the fact.

In the end, nothing has changed when it comes to what humans are capable of thinking about. The time humans have spent in Space has been a waste.

Before reality, ideals are but dreams.

A false living space.

A false pacifism.

Space claims even more lives.

Humans have never forgotten the sadness of this fact, but they also never try to stop the fighting either.

The blood and tears shed are nothing but ceremonial trappings.

There are histories where points between the ages can only be talked about through wars.

Faded and hypocritical expressions such as "to fight for peace": how many times have these infamous words been recited in the past.

The Colonies say they take up armaments for peace.

They are no different from The Earth.

The additional bloodshed is perhaps meant to boost morale but—" [16]


The boy who gave his name as "Duo" reads up to this point, then the teacher stops him and instructs him to take a seat at the very back of the classroom.

The camera shows the notepad paper in the boy's hands, but when you take a close look, you realize that there is nothing even remotely resembling writing on the page.

He had been reading from a completely blank page.

Perhaps, he was relating his thoughts and feelings as they came to him on the spot, just as if he was reading out loud.

If so, one can imagine that this approach is meant to be a direct criticism of the trend at the time, but one has to marvel at how such a boy who is still a child was capable of thinking with such a broad view of things.

And, moreover the last page is blown by the wind, and the camera captures a glimpse of it for a brief moment, but some handwriting that looks like what might be concluding remarks can be seen, although only a few lines long.

I used a still image to read what was there , and this is what was written:

"—So then, why do humans fight?

Maybe there's a sense of being to be found in fighting.

When in battle, a person feel fulfilled.

And it's also a fact that when in battle, a person doesn't appear corrupt—"

This is my own personal guess, but as mentioned before, I feel that this boy is not "Duo Maxwell". Could it perhaps not be possible that this is a different Gundam pilot? Unfortunately, as there are no materials to identify any of them, this matter can't be pursued any further, but for some reason I can't help but be left with such an impression.

(Continued in Part 2…)

(Revised, 2010/10/07)



[1] Literal translation: Silent Prelude. The chapter title is written in Japanese as "mugon no zensoukyoku" (Translation: silent prelude) but marked to be read "sairensu pureryuudo" (English: silence prelude). This is similar to how the titles for the 3 "Endless Waltz" OAVs were written.

[2] Literal translation: New Mobile War Chronicle. "New Mobile Report" is the official translation in Japan though. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Suit_Gundam_Wing

[3] Gundam Ace has transliterated it as "Sumizawa", but most other Japanese sources online say it's "Sumisawa". Source: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%9A%85%E6%B2%A2%E5%85%8B%E4%B9%8B

[4] Written: roshi, which is "...a Japanese non-official honorific title used in Zen Buddhism that literally means 'old teacher' or 'elder master'..." Roshi is probably acceptable in English, but Roshi O in the North American release of Gundam Wing is referred to as "Master O", so changed to "Master" to be consistent. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roshi, http://aboutgundamwing.com/glossary_characters.htm (Revised: 2010/10/07)

[5] Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Ocean_Hypothesis

[6] Written: junsa, for which there is no translation. "Lieutenant" was chosen to match Lucrezia Noin's rank given in the North American release of Gundam W:

 Many thanks to Deacon Blues of Zeonic Scanlations for the tips on this matter! (Revised: 2010/10/07)

[7] Written: kyashii. Could also be "Cassie". Used "Kathy" instead of "Cathy" to differentiate from Catherine Bloom. (Revised: 2010/10/07)

[8] Written: teeru hikotorii. Wild guess. Hecotre is apparently a real name though. Also, I am assuming this character is male and he belongs to the air force. Watch me be completely wrong in the next chapter.

[9] Literal translation: Craft Captain.

[10] Literal translation: kindling. "Flame" seems to have been used more commonly in the English scripts though. Source: http://aboutgundamwing.com/OVAs/endlesswaltz01.htm

[11] Written: myuutos.

[12] Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rilke

[13] Not a direct translation, but a translation of the original German source. This one seemed to fit best out of all the ones available online. Source: http://reverendmother.org/2009-10-30/autumn-by-rilke

[14] Alternate translation: hope.

[15] A type of secondary school found in parts of Europse. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gymnasium_%28school%29

[16] From Episode 18 ("Tallgeese Destroyed") of the TV series. Screenwriter: Kawase Toshifumi. This version is slightly different from what was broadcasted though. Some words have been changed and there are even some sentences that have been cut out completely.


Disclaimer: Original Japanese source Copyright © 2010, Sumisawa Katsuyuki. English translation Copyright © 2010, kaijyuu_m. The English translation isn't authorized by the copyright holder and should be considered unofficial. Please don't copy and paste the translation anywhere else on the Internet because it's not even supposed to exist in the first place.

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