[Lyrics] toumei ansaa / Jin feat. IA

Yep. It's been 2 years since the last post. And this is a Vocaloid song. For which a gazillion translations exist already. But I've been sucked into the entire musical + visual world of Kagerou Project since stumbling across this song by accident.

Original Japanese title: toumei ansaa [ watch ]
Translated title: Transparent Answer
Artist: Jin feat. IA

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[Quote] uchinaru sekai ga arehatenai tame ni / Michael Ende

It's probably a good idea to occasionally water whatever you "plant" though.

Another one from Daredemonai niwa, the Japanese edition of the German book Der Niemandsgarten, written by Michael Ende and edited by Roman Hocke. Which means, yes, this is a translation of a translation. Sorry?

Speaking of translations, in the forward to this book the Japanese translator made the peculiar choice to leave some words in their original language. So, apparently the German word for "image" is "bild", which looks (and sounds?) a bit like the English word "built". How cool is that?

Original German title: unknown
Translated title, Japanese: uchinaru sekai ga arehatenai tame ni
Translated title, English: In Order For the World Within Not To Fall Into Ruin
Author: Ende, Michael
Translator, Japanese: Tamura Toshio

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